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        作者: admin來源: 本站時間:2017-12-02
        Shangqiu move to save time, the primary preparation work to abundant, all scattered things into boxes or packing, gather parts into a whole. Second, we can ask the moving company to send more people. We should arrange the time and travel reasonably, and miss the peak of traffic jam and the road of traffic jam.
        1, apple kernel to oil pollution
        The kitchen sink is often a layer of oil, apple can be used just finished eating will grease cleaned off, this is because the fruit contains pectin and pectin is the role of oil removed.
        2. Use salt to remove the juice from the carpet
        There are children's families, the carpet is often dripping with soup, must not be wiped with wet cloth. Water should be dried with clean dry cloth or towel, then sprinkle some salt on the stain. After the salt surface is absorbed and absorbed, the salt will be sucked away with the vacuum cleaner, then the carpet will be levelled with the brush.
        3. Remove gum from ice
        Some children like to eat gum and get on the carpet carelessly. The gum stuck on the carpet is not easy to take off. It can be packed in plastic bags and covered with gum. After about 30 minutes, the pressure on the carpet is hard. The ice will be brushed with brush.
        4. Skillful use of preservative film
        This is a lazy little recipe. Put a fresh-keeping film on the wall of the kitchen near the kitchen stove. Because the film is easily attached features, coupled with a transparent, eye is not easy to detect, after several weeks to film on the greasy, just gently wrap torn, re covered with a layer can not laborious. For the busy housewives, it is a good way to be lazy.
        5. The light and clean method of log furniture
        The raw wood furniture can be sprayed directly on the surface of the furniture with water and the soft dry cloth is used to dry the furniture. The furniture will be bright and clean. If a scratch is found on the surface, cod liver oil can be applied first, and a wet cloth will be wiped after a day. In addition, wiping with strong salt water can prevent wood decay and prolong the life of the furniture.

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