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        作者: admin來源: 本站時間:2017-12-02
        The problem is not terrible. It's terrible that there is no solution. We must learn more from others' experience, anticipate possible problems and learn solutions to some problems, so as to ensure the smooth progress of moving. In fact, these interludes are not terrible, not difficult to solve, as long as you learn some processing methods, or can be easier to solve.
        The 1. problem: damage to household appliances when moving in Shangqiu. The solution is: the owner can ask the moving company to bear some related maintenance costs, if it is completely damaged, it can claim new products to the moving company according to the relevant contract.
        2. problem: when moving, valuables are damaged. Solution: the relevant department should be asked to evaluate the valuables and ask for the related compensation. The relevant departments are asked to estimate the value of the valuables, for the sake of fairness between the two parties.
        3. problem: moving is a physical activity, and it is unavoidable to cause personal injury. The solution: the moving company should take on the related medical expenses.
        4. If there is a dispute between the two sides, that is to say that there is a dispute in the process of claims. Solution: at this time you can find a consumer association or the relevant departments to mediate, and to solve it.
        The above method solves some of your problems, and you should also pay attention to the following questions.
        1: get the necessary permits, such as residential permits, vehicle access card, parking card, dog card etc..
        2: take the initiative to greet the neighbors, understand each other, and establish a preliminary neighborhood. A word is not said, "distant relatives are not as close as neighbours", so it is very important to do well in neighbourhood relations.
        3: be familiar with the surrounding environment. After moving into a new home, it may be busy. But in such a chaotic society, there may be some unexpected incidents. So we must explore the surrounding environment for our own safety, so as to ensure our life safety.

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